Episode 235 – Sita recollects her happy moments with Rama!!!


n the previous episode we had witnessed that Hanuman tries to console Sita, who is in a sea of sadness. She knows no end to all her miseries. At this point, Hanuman tries to motivate her step by step. He initially starts by narrating the aftermath of her abduction by Ravana – How did Rama come a long way to meet Sugriva and the Vaanaras, how Rama nurtured friendship with Sugriva and killed Vaali, how Sugriva has reciprocated Rama’s help by sending innumerable Vaanaras on the search mission for Sita and how did Hanuman cross the ocean, searched Lanka and finally found Sita in Ravana’s “Ashoka Vana”. As Sita listens to the whole story, she becomes a little more firm that her miseries are going to come to an end finally! To increase the confidence within Sita, as step 2, Hanuman hands over Rama’s ring as identification to her. Upon seeing the ring, Sita is totally convinced of the fact that Rama is on his way! Her happiness knows no bounds! She appreciates and blesses Hanuman for all what he has done single-handedly for both Sita and Rama!

As we move on, Sita now remembers all the beautiful past memories of her golden time spend with Rama. I shall quickly narrate one such memory that Sita shares with Hanuman – Once upon a time, Sita and Rama were sitting happily on the banks of River Mandaahini at Chitrakoota (We’ve already discussed about the geography of this place in our earlier episodes). As they were living at Chitrakoota, both of them used to go to the riverbank together hand in hand for taking bath. We can worship this place even today in the present day Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Everytime when they used to spend some intimate moments together, Sita and Rama used to sit on the banks and lie down on each other’s lap. As this protocol was continuing, one fine day, it was Rama’s turn to lie on Sita’s lap and sleep for a while. Sita was awake and admiring the beauty of nature around. At that moment, there was a crow that came suddenly near Sita and poked her chest with its sharp beak! This crow was none other than Jayantha (Lord Indra’s son). Strictly speaking, it was this Jayantha who had done a much greater mistake than even Ravana had done! Because, Ravana had just abducted Sita and further did nothing bad to her physically. It was Jayantha who had actually physically abused Sita! At that moment when the crow poked her, Sita thought that this crow has come to eat some flesh. Hence she picked up a stone and try to chase it away. However, this crow was not going away! It was repeatedly coming again and again and poking Sita! As she cried in pain, Rama immediately woke up! As Sita narrates this to Hanuman, she says, “Oh Hanuman! As Rama was sleeping on my lap, he was so handsome and I was carried away by his appearance! I didn’t have the heart to wake him up. However, what else can I do? I had to wake him up at that moment!”

As Sita wakes Rama up from his sleep, he immediately understood that there was trouble around! He looked around and found the crow, sitting on a nearby tree with blood all around its beak. Sita’s chest was dripping with blood too! Rama understood what had happened! He decided what is to be done! He immediately searched for his bow and arrows around, but couldn’t find them (Since he was with Sita, Rama never took his bow and arrows along with him). However, the plan was made – Rama pulled out a small thread from the mat on which he was sitting, chants the “Brahmaasthra Manthra” and throws it towards the crow. Immediately Jayantha understood the danger that was approaching. He now had to flee away!

Now the crow starts to fly and fly for safety! However to its dismay, the “Brahmaasthra” from Rama was following it wherever it went! Jayantha went to his father, mother, friends, other Devas, Celestial Beings, etc. and nobody entertained him because of Rama’s Brahmasthra. Finally Jayantha had to come back to Rama and seek refuge! At this point, Rama should have ideally killed Jayantha for his wrongdoing. However, since Rama is an embodiment of mercy and forgiving attitude, he lets Jayantha off! Of course, Mother Sita was with Rama too! Hence, even if Rama had wanted to kill Jayantha, Mother Sita would not have permitted him to do so! Hence, Jayantha was let off and he realized his wrongdoing as well. He seeks forgiveness to Sita and Rama and thereafter left that place!

Sita explains this to Hanuman with tears in her eyes and asks him, “Oh Hanuman! Just like Rama was so merciful towards this crow, why can’t he show the same mercy to his beloved wife? What wrong did I do to him? I’ve always been a true wife to him and I’ve always followed him at every moment of his happiness and sadness! Yet, why am I made to suffer like this? Perhaps I would have committed some sins in my previous births and that’s the reason for my suffering! I do not know when this misery is going to end in my life!”

Upon hearing this emotional accord from Sita, Hanuman tries to console her again. He tries to motivate her even more. What did Hanuman say next? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!

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