Episode 233 – Sita’s reaction upon seeing Rama’s ring!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an important event wherein Hanuman shows and hands over the ring to Sita, that Rama had given him to show her as a token of identification, love and support.

“Bhoosha yeva mahaathejaaha hanuman pavanaathmajaha!

Abhraveeth prashrutham vaakyam seethaa prathyaya kaaranaath!!

Vaanaroham mahaabhaage bhootho raamasya dheemathaha!

Raama naamaankitham chetham pashyathe vyanguleeyatham!!”

Thus from the above slokas, Valmiki Maharishi narrates how Hanuman hands over Rama’s ring to Sita. Hanuman requests Sita to take the ring in her hands and bless the ring with all her grace!

Upon seeing the ring and upon hearing Hanuman’s soothing words, Sita’s face expressions change completely – She is now extremely happy! What were tears of sorrow till a few minutes back, transform into tears of joy!

“Gruheethvaa prekshamaanaasaa bharthuhkara vibhooshanam!

Bharthaaramiva sampraarthaa jaanakeem udithaa bhavath!!”

Here, Valmiki Maharishi explains with the above important sloka, the reaction of Sita upon seeing the ring – She hugs the ring with her chest and her eyes are full of tears of joy! Sita feels as if her beloved husband is standing in front of her, in the form of the ring! Hence she imagines as if she is hugging Rama with her! She is able to see Rama’s fingers, Rama’s hands – She is completely in bliss that Rama is right in front of her! What an emotional and a happy moment for Sita at last! Sita looks at Hanuman so dearly! She has no words to thank his great help! Her respect towards Hanuman increases manifold! She is now fully convinced that Hanuman is none other than the wellwisher of both Sita and Rama!

As Sita is having the ring in her hand, Hanuman observed something very interesting – At one moment, Sita is laughing, and at another moment, she cries! Hanuman couldn’t understand why is Sita laughing and crying at the same time! There is a “flashback” story that is presently running within Sita’s mind – When Rama and Sita were happily living together once upon a time, it was this same ring that had solved the anger in between both of them. How? Once when Sita and Rama were sitting together, playfully Rama takes off the “Sindhoor” from Sita’s forehead. Sita didn’t like that from Rama. Hence she decided not to talk with Rama. One day went by.. Two days passed by.. She wasn’t ready to relent from her stand of not talking! On the other side, Rama was thinking, “Oh! I’m her husband and I have every right to play in this fashion. Even if that is wrong, why should she get this much of anger on me?” Thinking thus, Rama decided not to talk with Sita too! Sita, at the same time was thinking, “How can Rama play with my ‘Sindhoor’? Isn’t it a symbol of my purity? I shouldn’t talk with him!” Thinking thus, three days passed by! As time flies, both of their anger came down. Now Rama thinks, “Oh yes! It’s my mistake. I shouldn’t have hurt Sita by that way!” Similarly Sita thinks too, “Oh poor Rama! After all he is my beloved husband! I shouldn’t have made this a big issue!” However, both of them didn’t know how to break the ice! Who would talk first to whom? It is at this time when Rama was sitting in the swing, he did a comical act – He secretly removes and drops this ring (This same ring that Hanuman is showing Sita now) from his finger on the floor and says, “Oh! I’m searching for one ring that I had on my finger and it seems to be lost for the past three days! If someone finds it, they can give it back to me!” As Rama “secretly” removed the ring and put it on the floor, Sita was watching that with the corner of her eyes – She knows very well that it was Rama who purposefully removed the ring and put it on the floor! 🙂 Immediately when the ring falls on the floor and as Rama says the above words, Sita bends down, takes the ring and puts it back in his finger! After that, their issue is solved! The ice has been broken! Now, Sita and Rama started to talk with each other again, as before!

It is this flashback that Sita is remembering right now, upon seeing the ring! She thinks at the back of her mind – “Oh! It was this ring that humorously re-united both of us! Now I’m able to see only the ring, but not the person who is supposed to be wearing this ring! What a difficult situation in my life! I miss Rama so much!” Hence, the moment Sita thinks about this story, she laughs! The next moment, she sees the ring and once the feeling of missing Rama comes to her mind, she starts crying!

It is after this, Sita shares with Hanuman, some of her intimate moments that she cherished with her beloved Rama. What are they? What happened next? Did Sita have something to reciprocate to what Rama had given her? Let’s witness the next action in the next episode! 🙂

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