Episode 173 – Hanuman nurtures friendship between Rama and Sugriva!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Rama has concluded his praise for Hanuman’s speech and asks Lakshmana to reply to him with adequate care and respect. As we had already seen, the main reason why Lord Rama is placing so much emphasis to bring out the significance of Hanuman is because, Hanuman is considered to be the “Aachaarya” or the “Supreme Master” (Guru).

As Lakshmana completes his introduction about himself and his brother Rama, Hanuman is very happy to hear it and his love for Rama started increasing exponentially from there on! He decides that from this point, he would be a “Rama-Dasa” or “Rama-Bhaktha”! Thus, Hanuman carries both Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders and takes them to the place where Sugriva is living.


“Sahi raajyaajya vibrashtaha krutha vairascha vaali naa!

Kritha kaaro vanesthrasthaha bhraathraa vinikrutho disham!!”


Thus from the above sloka, Hanuman does the mutual introduction between Rama and Sugriva. He says, “Oh Sugriva! Here is Rama, son of King Dasharata of the great Ikshvaaku Dynasty in Ayodhya! Both of you are almost in the same situation wherein you have lost your wife to your brother Vaali and similarly Rama has lost his wife to the demon king Ravana. Hence here is an opportunity for both of you to be of help to each other and reclaim each other’s wives! Hence I think both of you should become good friends and solve each other’s problems.”

Thus by saying this, Hanuman fulfills the role of a minister. He thus enables both Sugriva and Rama to come together on the same platform.

“Bhikshu roopam parithyajya vaanaram roopamaashrithaha!

Drishtamaaroktha thou veerau jagaama kapi kunjaraha!!”

 Thus saying all the above, Hanuman finally takes his original form of a monkey. It should be remembered that Hanuman had changed his form like a “Bhikshu” or a “Sanyaasin” while talking with Rama and Lakshmana for the first time, owing to the fear for Vaali.

Thus when Sugriva sees Lord Rama and while he listens to the entire story from Hanuman, Sugriva is equally impressed and proposes to Rama that he wants to be a good friend to him. Rama too accepts Sugriva’s request and both hold each other’s hands. They bring up a fire and promise to each other in front of the fire that both of them would be friends for life!

“Gruhyathaam paaninaam paanihi mariyaadhaa gadhyathaam dhruvaa!

Samprishtam anaahastham peedayaamaasa paaninaa!!”

Thus both Rama and Sugriva hold each other’s hands and come around the fire to take the pledge. While taking the pledge, Rama assures Sugriva that he would kill whoever has abducted his wife and re-instate Sugriva as the king of the Vaanaraas. In turn, Sugriva assures Rama that he would be of immense help in finding out the whereabouts of Sita and also to fight Ravana to bring her back.

Now, Sugriva and Rama have become very good friends and now they sit down with each other to listen to each other’s stories and background in a deeper detail. As Rama sits near Sugriva, Sugriva was carried away by Rama’s beautiful face and he admires Rama without even winking his eyes for a moment! For today we shall let Sugriva admire Rama, and in the next episode we shall witness the events that took place further!

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