Episode 104 – Lord Rama ‘s pledge to Kaikeyi and King Dasharata!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that King Dasharata was trying his best to convince his wife Kaikeyi. At one point of time, he even went to the extent of falling on her feet to make her relent! But nothing worked out! Kaikeyi was firm in what she wanted! She was very clear in her approach! There was no way that King Dasharata would have won over her!

King Dasharata was in a state of extreme shock and disbelief and as he realizes that it’s all too late now, he declares that he is ready to grant the two boons that Kaikeyi has asked! King Dasharata finally says, “Oh Kaikeyi!! Oh ‘Kula Naasini’ (Destroyer of the entire clan) of Ikshvaaku Dynasty, since I’m a king who is to protect the Dharma and the truth, I bestow upon you, even the toughest of the boons that I can grant!” By saying this, he falls on the floor and becomes unconscious!

By the time this episode between Kaikeyi and King Dasharata comes to an end, it’s almost early morning 4 AM! Kaikeyi is rejoicing within herself for her achievement! At the courtroom all preparations were done and everything was set for the coronation ceremony to commence. People there were curious that King Dasharata hasn’t turned up to the podium yet! There were murmurs doing rounds as to what happened to King Dasharata! Rama and his brothers were concerned as to what was going on! It’s getting late and there was no sign of arrival of King Dasharata to the courtroom!

As time swiftly flies, everybody start losing patience and Sage Vasishtaachaarya is deeply concerned now! His mind and heart started to tell him clearly that something is wrong! At this point of time, Kaikeyi sends a few messengers to call upon one of King Dasharata’s trusted aides, Sumanthra. Accordingly Sumanthra comes into the chamber of Kaikeyi and he was shell shocked to see King Dasharata lying unconscious on the floor and Kaikeyi dressed up like a widow!

Kaikeyi turns towards Sumanthra and says, “Oh Sumanthra! Without wasting anymore time, please go and call Rama and ask him to come here immediately! There are a few instructions that I need to convey to him on behalf of King Dasharata!”

Accordingly, Sumanthra goes and fetches Rama and directs him to go to Kaikeyi’s place. Rama rushes into the chamber and finds his father on the floor! He runs towards his father and tries to lift King Dasharata off the floor! He was in tears on seeing the state in which his dearest father was, and asks Kaikeyi, “Oh Mother!! What happened to dad? Why is he in this state? Normally whenever I come to see him, he used to greet me with a big smile and words of love! But today what happened to him? Is he angry on me? What wrong did I do? My sincere apologies to my dad for my wrongdoings! Why is he not talking to me? Please tell me!”

Kaikeyi replies to Rama, “Oh Rama! There’s no fault of yours in this! The only thing is that, he wants to tell you something! But he’s concerned that if he tells you, you would mistake him and get angry on him! That’s why he’s hesitant to convey it to you!”

Upon hearing this, Rama becomes more concerned and worried! He again replies, “Oh Mother! Why should I mistake my dad if he wants me to do something? As a son, it is my duty to fulfill whatever my dad says! Here! I’m giving a promise to my father – I shall do whatever he instructs me to do – If he wants me to end my life, I will at this very moment! If he wants me to go on exile to a forest, I shall do that gracefully! If he wants me to end my life by falling into an ocean, I shall do it immediately!”

“Kimidham kaaranam yena mamaagnya prathi vaakhyathe!

Na chaiva samplasukthohya maana yeshu raaghavam!!”

Rama continues to say, “This is my promise! This is my word! This Rama doesn’t know anything else apart from keeping up his word to his parents! I shall sacrifice even my life to keep up the words of my father!”

Kaikeyi looks on as Rama makes the promise! She was even more confirmed and sure now that Rama will obey her wishes and satisfy her demands! She is now going to convey her two wishes to Rama! How did she do that? What cunning methodology did she adopt to do that? How did Rama react to her? Let’s wait and find out in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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