Hanumad Prabhaavam # 10 – Hanuman, the “Aacharya” or “The Spiritual Master”!!



In the previous episode, we saw in detail the significance of body language, diction etc. as part of an appealing lecture/speech. Today, we shall continue the same context and appreciate the reason behind Lord Rama stressing and appreciating the beauty of Hanuman’s speech.

Rama continues in praise of Hanuman:

“Samskaarakrama sampannaam adhrutaam avilam vidaam!

Ucchaarayathi kalyaaneem vaacham hridaya haarineem!!”

Anayaa chitrayaa vaachaa tristhaanavvyanjanastathaa!

Kasya naaraadhyate chittam puthyataase narerapi!!”


By the above slokas (verses), Rama explains to Lakshmana that even if an enemy comes in front of Hanuman and listens to his oration for five minutes, his attitude towards Hanuman would completely change and his weapons would automatically fall off from his hands on to the ground! In fact, that enemy would feel ashamed as to why he had come to attack such a person who talks so sweetly and so appealingly.

Rama continues to say that more than anything else, the way his lips open and close while talking is what captured his attention the most. He says, “His lips were opening and closing like how a sunflower would blossom during the day and close itself by night, and it was such a beautiful sight to watch!” Here, the reader would be able to appreciate the amount of significance Rama places for facial expressions and the positive body language in almost every sloka (verse) of his response to Hanuman’s speech. From this, our inference for the modern day corporate life should be that, we’ve to be extremely watchful within ourselves in terms of proper body language as well as keep a check on our facial expressions while delivering an address or a presentation.

Lakshmana is perplexed and surprised to see Rama appreciating Hanuman to this extent. As I had mentioned before, in the entire text of Valmiki Ramayana it’s extremely rare that Rama appreciates and applauds someone to this extent, but when it comes to Hanuman, Rama is so generous in appreciating him and bringing out his excellent qualities. This is because the character called “Hanuman” is equivalent to an “Aacharya” or the “Spiritual Master”. It is to be understood that the Lord brings out the significance of an “Aacharya” through all the above-mentioned slokas (verses).

Rama further adds the following phrase that comes as part of “Kamba-Ramayanam” (The version of Ramayana in Tamil written by Kambanaatazhwar):

“Ivan virinchano vidavalaano”

With this very important phrase, Rama exclaims that Hanuman might be the incarnation of Lord Brahma (Creator of the Universe) or Lord Shiva that he’s so perfect in every word that he speaks. It’s very interesting to note here that Rama doesn’t cite “Vishnu” in this context, because he knows that he himself is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, standing in front of Hanuman.

After all these appreciation given by Rama, how did Lakshmana react? What did he say? The answers would evolve in the next episode!

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