Episode # 364 – Sage Dhoumya – The chief “MENTOR” for the Pandava brothers!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena and Draupati raising queries to Sage Shaunaka whether they would be getting back their kingdom in due course, for which, Sage Shaunaka declined a direct answer. He replied in a very generic manner by saying that if they follow all the above-mentioned aspects of “Dharma”, they might still get back their kingdom at some point in time. Irrespective of whether they get back the kingdom or not, it is their bound duty to follow the path of “Dharma” at all times. Sage Shaunaka makes it very clear that he is not interested whether Yudishtra goes back to Indraprastha or not. All what is important for him is whether he follows “Dharma” or not. As Sage Shaunaka expresses his thoughts clearly thus, Yudishtra once again raises a query – If he’s unable to feed all the sages and brahmins who had accompanied him, wouldn’t it create a deviation from his path of “Dharma”? Of course, the Maharishis can feed themselves at any point in time, but the question here is whether Yudishtra is following the path of “Dharma” by feeding them. As Yudishtra asks a genuine question thus, Sage Shaunaka is going to give an important reply. 

Sage Shaunaka explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! This is your big concern, isn’t it? I totally understand. It is your Grihasta-Dharma” to serve all the Brahmins and Maharishis. Now that you’re not having sufficient infrastructure to serve everyone, let us think of some method to solve this issue!” As Sage Shaunaka and Yudishtra start thinking of various ways to resolve this, Sage Dhoumya stood up from amidst the crowd! We’ve already witnessed who is Sage Dhoumya. Now here is a test of memory for all our readers. Who is Sage Dhoumya? We’ve witnessed a “Upa-Parva” by name “Chaitrarasa Parva” wherein Chitrarasa was a “Gandharva” by nature. As the Paandava brothers were proceeding towards the Paanchaala Desha to meet Draupati for the first time before their marriage, it was this Chitrarasa who introduced the Paandavas to Sage Dhoumya. We’ve witnessed earlier that Chitrarasa initially came for a fight with the Paandava brothers, even though they were dressed as “Brahmana Rishis”. He clearly found out that these five people were not Brahmanas at any cost. As Arjuna and Chitrarasa began fighting, Chitrarasa realized that these people were Kshatrya princes and were extremely talented in nature. Thus, a long dialogue between Chitrarasa and the Paandava brothers followed by, and in fact, Chitrarasa showed them the way to Paanchaala Desha. However, he did not want them to go there all by themselves, and hence he advised them to take Sage Dhoumya along.  

Thus, from that day onwards, Sage Dhoumya is with the Paandava brothers at all times. Even when Yudishtra was ruling at Indraprastha, Sage Dhoumya was one of his important advisors. Even now, Sage Dhoumya is walking along with Yudishtra in the forest, as this conversation between himself and Sage Shaunaka is going on. Not only at this stage – Sage Dhoumya is going to be there along with Yudishtra and Co. even in the future as well. Whenever Yudishtra gets into any trouble, Sage Dhoumya is always with him to bail him out! In fact, even Bhagawan Krishna is going to express His gratitude to Sage Dhoumya at a later stage. Bhagawan Krishna is going to say to Sage Dhoumya thus, “Oh Sage Dhoumya! It is only because you are alongside these Paandava brothers, I’m relieved. I’m confident that if you’re with Yudishtra and Co., the Paandavas are safe and secure. I do not need to worry too much about them!” If Bhagawan Krishna had to utter these words to Sage Dhoumya directly, we can understand how significant Sage Dhoumya’s role was with the Paandavas in nurturing and protecting them. In other words, Sage Dhoumya was the mentor for the Paandavas at all stages! 

So now, Sage Dhoumya is going to give an important accord, both to Yudishtra and to Sage Shounaka. So for today, let us understand up to this point, as to who Sage Dhoumya was and what was his role towards the Paandava brothers! We shall wait till the next episode to witness what Sage Dhoumya opines to Yudishtra, pertaining to this problem. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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