Episode # 359 – “Sages rally behind you because you possess the property called “Dharma” – Sage Shaunaka to Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important point that Sage Shaunaka is emphasizing to Yudishtra – An accord on “Vairagya”. What is true “Vairagya” or “Will power”? If we have the resources to go behind something, yet we refrain from going behind it – This is real “Vairagya”. We should not mistake “Vairagya” with the phenomenon wherein we do not have the resources and because of that we do not go behind something. For instance, if we have adequate financial resources to buy an expensive villa property, but still we do not want to go behind luxuries in life, this is “Vairagya”. Of course, if we do not have enough financial resources, we’re never going to go for a villa ever! Thus, we need to understand this demarcation very clearly as we move on with life. 

Moving on thus, Sage Shaunaka is making yet another important point here – He now talks about something that many of us know – “Detachment”. Many of us might have come across this term at various instances in our Sanaatana Dharma literature, wherein many great Sages and even Bhagawan Himslf has explained in many contexts. Here, Sage Shaunaka is explaining to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! It is understandable from your pain that your own brothers, Duryodhana, uncle Sahuni and the others let you down very badly. It is very unfortunate that you were insulted in the public courtroom in a manner that anyone might feel deeply hurt. However, remember one thing – This is just a temporary phase of life. Every action has got its own equal and opposite reaction. You need not worry about all these things for the next thirteen years. Just like how water doesn’t stand upon the petals of a lotus flower, all these things that happened to you are just like the water droplets! These are all impermanent. What is permanent here is your Atman and Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet. Your focus should be completely on that. Relationships in this world are temporary in nature and do not worry about the ill-effects caused due to these relationships. They would fade away as time goes by!” 

As Sage Shaunaka says thus, he adds another important point here – “Oh Yudishtra! Look at the characteristics of the so-called human relationships in this world. People will come behind you only up to a point wherein you have some wealth in your possession. If a day arrives wherein you do not have any wealth by your side, all your relations and friends would desert you and go behind another person who might have the wealth that you might not have! This is how the world is! This is why I’m saying that relationships are temporary in this world. For instance, you would have seen that all of us, Sages are coming behind you – Why do you think so?” As Sage Shaunaka asks this question, Yudishtra for a moment thinks that they are coming behind him because he still has some possessions with him with which he can feed all of them. But he was wrong. Sage Shaunaka immediately gives the answer himself thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You might be thinking that we’re behind you because you would feed us everyday. But that is wrong! We are all behind you because you have the most important property called “Dharma” behind you! Other people in the world look at the property called “money” that is there with you, but as Maharishis, we look at the property called “Dharma” that you possess. Unfortunately in this world, not many of them possess this unique property called “Dharma” which you have. Hence, until and unless this property called “Dharma” stays under your ambit, all of us would be around with you! In this way, we are also selfish isn’t it? 🙂 Hence, Yudishtra! Please do not worry! Things would improve as days progress. Now your focus should only be on how to enhance the “Dharma” in you!” 

Saying thus, Sage Shaunaka tries to calm Yudishtra down. In turn, Yudishtra too realizes that he has a major task in hand now. His fundamental duty at this point is to be a learner and should learn as many aspects of “Dharma” as possible from various Maharishis who are residing amidst the dense forest. So for today, let us also take a pledge that we would become a learner along with Yudishtra and Co. We shall slowly start deliberating on whatever Yudishtra is going to learn in the coming episodes and from now onwards, readers’ attention to minute details is paramount for better understanding. We shall continue this discussion forward in the next episode and also witness what is Yudishtra’s next point of action is going to be! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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