Episode # 141 – The rivalry begins – Bheemasena and Duryodhana at loggerheads!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Yama-Dharma-Raja had invited the curse of Sage Maandavya for “punishing” him for a mistake that he had done as a child, which cannot be counted as a mistake due to his young age. As Yama-Dharma-Raja had committed this mistake, he had to take a human birth in the “Manushya Lokha”, and this incarnation of Yama-Dharma-Raja was none other than Vidura, who was King Dhirdiraashtra’s brother. We had witnessed how Vidura had taken birth with the divine “Anugraha” of Sage Vyaasa. We had witnessed how Ambika and Ambaalika had Paandu and Dhirdiraashtra with the divine “Anugraha” of Sage Vyaasa. However, as both were handicapped in some way or the other (Dhirdiraashtra was born blind and Paandu was born with fits), Mother Satyavati was not sure as to how these two would be able to take the responsibility of the kingdom. She wanted another child who would be fit and fine to rule the kingdom and hence she again prayed to Sage Vyaasa. Accordingly both Ambika and Ambaalika were to approach Sage Vyaasa for his divine “Anugraha”. However, they both weren’t interested to go once again to him, and instead, sent a worker woman to Sage Vyaasa. Since this woman considered this as a golden opportunity to be blessed by a great sage, she took it seriously and approached him. With Sage Vyaasa’s divine “Anugraha” falling on her, she delivered a healthy baby and this baby was none other than Vidura. 

Thus, we should remember here that Vidura was the “half-brother” of Dhirdiraashtra and Paandu. Moving on from here, we shall now come back to the place where we had left earlier – Readers might remember that we’re at the juncture wherein King Paandu had passed away and along with King Paandu, Maadri Devi also jumped into the pyre to end her life. Subsequently owing to the advice given by the sages around that forest area, the five Paandava brothers were brought back to the Hastinapura kingdom along with Mother Kunthi Devi. All of them came back to the Hastinapura palace and at this point in time, Dhirdiraashtra had taken over the reins of the Hastinapura kingdom from King Paandu. Thus, King Dhirdiraashtra welcomes all of them into the palace. Initially as the Paandava brothers arrived at Hastinpaura, there was no ego clash of any sorts between anybody. King Dhirdiraashtra whole-heartedly welcomed all the five children along with Kunthi Devi. However, as time passed by, the situation became worse. 

As they were children of just twelve years of age, the Paandava brothers along with Duryodhana and Co. were happily playing with each other. Even as a child, Bheemasena had the power of a thousand elephants. As the children were playing with each other, Bheemasena was undoubtedly the most powerful child amongst all of them. Hence with his sheer power and strength, he was able to bring everybody under his control. He used to pull the other children’s hairs, hit them on their shoulders, give them some slaps on their faces, etc., and eventually Bheemasena earned a very bad reputation amongst the children. This was the starting point of the rivalry between the Paandava brothers and the Kauravas. Upon Bheemasena’s growing reputation of being the most powerful kid amongst the lot, Duryodhana started to feel jealous of this! We’ve already witnessed that both Bheemasena and Duryodhana were born on the same day, isn’t it? Yudishtra was the first to take birth to Kunthi Devi, and subsequently after a year’s time, Bheemasena was born to Kunthi Devi. On the same day, Gaandhaari had her first child by name Duryodhana, who came out from the pot. We’ve witnessed this event earlier as to how the Kaurava brothers who are hundred in number were born. 

Thus, as Bheemasena started exerting more power and authority, Duryodhana was itching to give it back to him in terms of his strength. We should understand here that Duryodhana was also very powerful since birth, as he was also born with the divine “Anugraha” of Sage Vyaasa. Hence, the rift between Duryodhana and Bheemasena commenced in a small way of some physical fights, and of course, it escalated to higher levels as days and months passed by. So for today, let us understand until this point and we shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 🙂


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