Episode # 120 – From “Bharata” to “Jada-Bharata” – An epic transformation!!!

Little Krishna

We are currently in the midst of an interesting event that conspired with Bharata’s life – He was so attached to his deer and this attachment grew to such a stage wherein he started getting jittery during his old age that if he passes away, who would take care of the deer after him. Having this constant thought and fear in his mind, one fine day, Bharata breathes his last! However, since it was only the deer that was dominating his thoughts all the time, Bharata’s next birth was that of a deer! This is where we witnessed in the sidelines, Bhagawan Krishna’s excerpts from his Bhagawad Gita, wherein He clearly says that the thoughts that we have during our last breath would actually determine our next birth! For instance, if we breathe our last in this birth, thinking of a deer, we would actually take our next re-birth as a deer only!

This is where we need to be extremely careful. If we have unwanted thoughts in our mind at any instance of time, it is better for us to remove them out then and there. This is because, we never know when would death come and knock our doors. This is something which is not in our hands! Hence, we need to make sure that we weed out all our negative thoughts, thoughts that arise out of excessive attachment towards someone or somebody, and instead, focus on Bhagawan and His “Kalyaana Gunas”. Of course, when we divert our attention and focus towards Bhagwan, we can always be at bliss at all times, and apart from the bliss factor, we would slowly and steadily develop the mental maturity to be of constant thoughts of Bhagawan, even when death comes calling us! The problem is that, we can’t postpone this process to the last minute! At the point of death, if we do not have the practice of thinking of Bhagawan, it is next to impossible for us to cultivate that thought all of a sudden! This is why we emphasize that as ardent followers of our Sanaathana Dharma, we should make it a point that we are in constant association with a “Satsanga”, “Saadhu Samaagama”, etc. so that we do not grossly deviate from our thoughts towards Bhagawan. So moving ahead, let us realize this fact and slowly try to put things into our life’s perspective.

Moving on thus, as mentioned above, Bharata takes a re-birth of a deer, as he was immersed with his thoughts on the welfare of his deer as he died previously. Now as he takes the birth of a deer, he lives as a deer for the next seven years, after which the deer dies. While being the deer, he was roaming all around the forest, eating whatever he gets there, drinking water whenever and wherever he gets it. This lasts for the next seven years and eventually the deer dies. Post this, since Bharata was a highly realized “Yogi” during his previous birth as a human being, he is fortunate enough to get another re-birth as a human being. In this human birth, interestingly he again gets the name of “Bharata”, but this time, he is named a little different – Jada-Bharata”. This Jada-Bharata, right from his childhood days, displayed all the qualities of a great saint and eventually as he grew up, became a full-fledged “Yogi”, as he was in his previous human birth.

Here, readers should not get confused. Originally this person was called “Bharata” and this person breathed his last, with his thoughts immersed on the welfare of a deer. Because of this, he became a deer in his subsequent birth, and after seven years of being a deer, he again gets a human birth, because of his enormous powers and strengths that he had gained over with his spiritual practices. This time, he gets the name of “Jada-Bharata”. Unlike the previous human birth, this Jada-Bharata was totally devoid of any attachment into worldly things. Of course, he was the same in his previous human birth also, but it all ended up in a disaster because of that one deer. Now in this birth, Jada-Bharata was totally devoid of this small level of attachment too. He was called “Jada-Bharata”, because the word “Jada” normally signifies any non-living object, which does not have any life of its own and which does not respond to any sort of external stimuli. This was the same case with the “New Bharata” now! 😊 He was called “Jada Bharata” because he was totally out of sync with what was happening in the external world! He was totally immersed in penance and eventually didn’t respond any sorts of external stimulus. In other words, he was like a non-living object! For instance, even if someone tries to hit him with stones, he is not going to protect himself from the hit, nor he’s going to hit the person back! Similarly, even if someone tries to through some dung on his face, he’s totally unaffected by it! Such was his level of detachment from the world, that he lived like a dead body!

As days pass by, there was a king of Sindh province by name Rahugana. One fine day, this King Rahugana was very curious to gain some spiritual knowledge and hence decided to meet Sage Kapilaachaarya for the same. As the king was about to start his journey to meet Sage Kapilaachaarya, he got into his royal wooden carriage that should be lifted by four people on the ground. However at that instance, there were only three people to lift it. The king was looking out for the fourth one, as Jada-Bharata was passing through that way! What happened after that? Did Jada-Bharata lift the carriage for the king? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊


















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  1. Excellent Effort indeed. I was a regular feature writer to Tattvaloka, from July 2006 to June 2013, an International English magazine committed to spread the message of values & righteousness, synchronizing ancient wisdom/spirituality with modern practices of management. Tattvaloka brought out the selected articles in the form of a book titled “Spiritual Guidelines for Management Success “with a foreword by Dr MB Athreya.


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